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Technical Services

Procurement Services and Logistics

Market Research

Trade Fair Services



To optimize our clients' recourses on the marketing sector, our Technical- and Business Services are set-up to support our clients in their approach to reach marketing excellence.


Whereas our Technical Services cope with our clients' technical matters, our Business Services including HR-Development cover all questions and enquiries from the marketing and commercial sector. Both service lines are understood as an integrated  value adding support to our clients, and are aligned with our operational divisions, Chemicals and Rubber Technology.



Technical Services



Applied Technology and Process Consultancy

The Applied Technology Services deal with the present technical problems of our clients by providing essential information on technical issues related to the products and their applications as well as giving Processing Consultancy by putting the availability and adjustment of the equipment and machinery needed into account.


Innovative Product Development

New products are the engine of future growth. Drawing on the knowledge and experience of people, whose skills extend from the initial generation of ideas from diverse market places and industry sectors,  3V Marketing Consulting has a range of skills and resources for technical innovation, enabling our clients to achieve sustainable differentiation in the market.


The Innovative Product Development services initiate, design and develop new products and custom solutions to meet both, end product performance goals and targets for processing productivity and overall economy.



Business Services

3V Marketing Consulting believes that strategies must be based on deep understanding of specific market places and industry sectors, and that one solution or approach does not fit all market places or industries. Our in-depth understanding of single market places and industry sectors is a decisive factor in designing the best strategies and solutions. 


Our Business Services offerings comprise of procurement services and logistics, market research, trade fair services and HR-Development in the marketing field.


Procurement Services and Logistics

As part of the marketing tools to focus and optimize the resources of an enterprise on the demand and needs of markets, respectively customers, procurement services and logistics have become an important factor for economic growth. 3V Marketing Consulting is successfully supporting its clients in this field of expanding complexity by using tailored concepts of how to cost-efficiently re-design and manage logistics.


Market Research

Though market research is not a part of the marketing policy of an enterprise, market research provides essential information about the activities of consumers, respectively customers, competitors and suppliers, opens the eyes for new potentials hence enriches the evaluation process and is a fundamental source for policy decision-making. 


3V Marketing Consulting market research covers market and evaluation research, data services and statistical analysis.

Market Research Chart


Trade Fair Services

The participation at trade fairs as a tool of public relation and advertising but furthermore as communication tool especially in regard to new developments in specific applications, major market places or niche markets cannot be overlooked.


We provide information on trade fairs in our core market places and industry sectors to our clients, give advice and organize the participation at trade fairs under the common roof of 3V Marketing Consulting thereby representing a larger product and solution range from our suppliers thus achieving a higher effect by at the same time lowering costs, or individually on our clients' behalf.   



As part of our Business Services, 3V Marketing Consulting is offering a variety of personnel trainings. which are focused on the marketing sector and the so-called soft skills of intercultural management and team development.


Marketing Training

Marketing is regarded as the more glamorous elements of managment. But what is marketing and why has it become so popular among other management elements like finance, human recourses or accounting? 


One approach to answer this question is that marketing often is confused with the glossy worlds of advertising and public relation.


3V Marketing Consulting marketing training clarifies the often misunderstood term of marketing and explains the tools marketing is offering to interested individuals. 


Intercultural Training

Every nation has its own tale.Whether the Legend of King Arthur, the Nibelungen Saga or the Ramayana, these unique stories have one thing in common: They describe the believes, values, mentality and attitude of a nation, the culture of people. 


In times of globalization it is of utmost importance for each successfully operating enterprise to not only ensure that the management and staff know their own products, competions and industries but furthermore that they can reply to specific market demands in a proper local business conduct.


3V Marketing Consulting recognises that each market place, industry sector and client has its unique cultural challenges and issues. Our intercultural training solutions are therefore tailored to our clients' specific circumstances and demands. 


Team Development

Team Development

  As important as knowledge whether obtained during university study or  

  by hands-on experience is the successful transfer of knwledge and skills of 

  individuals into teams hence into the enterprise, as teams respectively the 

  enterprise can only work efficiently when the knowlegde and skills of all 

  individuals belonging to a team are employed in such way, that their  

  strength can benefit the whole enterprise to a maximum

We work with our clients to clarify their training objective, develop and execute a tailored training plan including profile development, analysis of communication streams and tools, interactive problem solving, team building and motivation training.


For more information on our businees services, technical assistance or HR-Development services, please contact our Operational Headquarters or send an e-mail to services@3vmc.com


We innovate for your future 

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