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Rubber Technology

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The 3V Marketing Consulting Rubber Technology division operates through dedicated companies in its regional key markets in Central East Europe. The core business of the division is marketing and distribution of technical rubber products, supporting its customers when it comes to solving technical problems.


To ensure individual handling of our clients' needs the Rubber Technology division is structured by product lines, out of which each line covers the whole complexity of finished and semi-finished rubber based goods. 


In order to being able to compete in an international market environment, 3V Marketing Consulting Rubber Technology division is clearly setting its focus on quality and price. Our suppliers are therefore hand-chosen, allowing us to offer high quality products for an outbalanced price. Our manufacturing partners are ISO certified and hold the TS 16949 certification.


Starting from first design over mold production and rubber compounding up to the finished rubber based product, together with our manufacturing partners, we are taking care of our customers� needs � all under one roof. 


We are grateful to develop and produce technical rubber goods according to our clients' drawings. Our technical services is at our customers' disposal for the assistance and advice in the study of new items and materials.



Automotive and Motorcycle Parts

Modern concepts of today�s automotive and motorcycle design and technical possibilities are not leaving anything to chance. Faster and more economic vehicles are a result of the growing technological possibilities on one hand side and the ever declining energy resources on our globe on the other hand side. 3V Marketing Consulting is paying credit to these circumstances by not only keeping up with the pace of the development but moreover taking actively part in it.



Metal Bonded Rubber Goods

The product line of metal bonded rubber goods is supplying two component items: Rubber & Metal.


By also supporting a separate metal working unit, we are not only assuring the usage of best rubber- but equally high quality metal material for our two component items.



Molded Rubber Goods

Our molded rubber items start their life on paper scratch, whether send by our customers or made in our research and development facility, followed by mold design and construction up to the manufacture of the fitting rubber based product. Depending on the final use of the molded rubber good, the rubber used varies from simple NR over blends of the diverse rubber up to technical and silicone rubber. Different colors are applied as well as diverse certifications such as FDA.



Seals and O-Rings

Seals come in a wide variety of shapes, forms and sizes, depending on the specific requirement. The most efficient and economic seal still is the so-called O-Ring, which is a very dynamic and static sealing for relatively low costs.



Tubes and Hoses

We are marketing a wide range of mandrel built and extruded hoses and apply the striping of our clients� brand, if required. Depending on the final application of the hose different materials and blends are used.


In addition to our product range of extruded hoses, we are supplying the necessary couplings and fittings for extruded hoses separately or already mounted on the hose, according to our customers� needs and desires.



For further information, technical questions or commercial offers, please send an e-mail to rubbertec@3vmc.com or contact our Operational Headquarters.


Thank you for letting us taking care of your problem

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