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The 3V Marketing Consulting Rubber department currently is supplying Reinforcing Fillers and Color Masterbatches to rubber processing industries in South East Asia.


Reinforcing Fillers 

Industrially produced carbon black is a major raw material in the rubber industry. As reinforcing filler in car tires, carbon black has been contributing to the global success of the automobile by providing the necessary properties to the tires. Carbon black is not only the most important reinforcing filler in tires but in merely uncountable other rubber components used not only in the automotive industry, but other industries ranging from medical equipment to printing and household articles as well as niche industries such as the diving equipment industry, to name just a few examples. 


In the past decades, the production processes of industrial carbon black have tremendously advanced. The most economic and widely used production process for industrial carbon blacks nowadays is the so-called Furnace Black Process. Aside of the production process and the in-depth technology employed, the major criteria for the quality of carbon black is depending on the quality of the raw material, the co-called feedstock sourced from the petroleum industry and coal tar distillates, used in the production.


Important factors for the reinforcing capacities of carbon black, however, are the particle size and the structure, from where the classification of carbon black in active and semi-active types is derived. Whereas active blacks, also called hard blacks, are used in applications as tire tread where a high abrasion resistance is of utmost importance, semi-active (soft blacks) carbon black types are used in applications where high elasticity, compression resistance and good dynamic properties are required.


Color Masterbatches

Similar to the range of color masterbatches supplied to the plastics industry, 3V Marketing Consulting is also setting its focus on large customer benefits and high quality, when it comes to color masterbatches for the rubber processing industry. 


The rubber color masterbatches supplied by 3V Marketing Consulting basically are pigment dispersions in polymer carrier with a low softening point and are suitable for both, natural and synthetic rubber.  


Due to their high compatibility and easy dispersion they can be used at rubber compounds at a low temperature. They do have a regular physical form and do not contain any wax, silicone, soap or other additives, which could possibly modify the physical and chemical properties of the rubber.


In addition to the reinforced fillers and color masterbatches, 3V Marketing Consulting can supply custom-made rubber compounds on special request.



For detailed information on our activities in the rubber processing industry, brochures and CD-ROM for further readings, please send an e-mail to chemicals@3vmc.com or contact our Operational Headquarters. Our Representatives will be glad to helping you.


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