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Together with our clients, we are developing customized and innovative systems and supply the necessary specialty plastics. The focus is clearly set on a maximum customer benefit and high quality. The products represented by this department are divided in two product lines, Engineering Polymers and Masterbatches


Whereas the engineering polymers product line delivers important functional polymers, the masterbatches product line is providing the necessary additives and colors to round up our product offerings to the plastic industry sector.  



Engineering Polymers

The engineering polymers product line is currently providing the following polymers:


Polyamides (Nylon / PA), Polyolefin Plastics (PP; PE), Styrene Co-polymers (ABS; AES; ASA; SAN)

Thermoplastic Polyesters (PC; PBT), Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU), Vinyl Polymers (PVC)


All engineering polymers offered can be modified to specific needs of our customers, whether on a physical- and chemical level or on a cosmetic level to achieve a smoother surface of the finished good, brighter colors, or other specific requirements.


In addition to our high performance engineering polymers, 3V Marketing Consulting is providing important blends of engineering polymers as often the right mix is the best choice: 


Engineering Polymer Blends (PPE/PS-I; PA/ABS; PC/ABS; PBT/ASA; TPU-R)




In addition to its high quality engineering polymers, 3V Marketing Consulting is supplying colors,  important auxiliaries and additives as well as processing aids to the plastics industry. To allow our customers to preserve a clean and safety environment as well as easier and more accurate dosing and maximum dispersion, we are offering our extensive product range of colors, additives and processing aids in the form of masterbatches.  


"One never get a second chance...

     ...to make a first impression!"


These simple words not only apply to humans but also to all kind of products, including modern plastic articles. In the product group of color masterbatches for the colorization of plastics, 3V Marketing Consulting is in the glad position of being able to offer a wide variety of colors and color variations as well as a wide range of carriers.


Aside of standard colors in a diversity of shades, we are supplying special colors such as:

  • Fluorescent and Pearlescent Colors

  • Transparent Colors

  • Metallic Colors

Further several effects such as flip-flop, glittering and many more can be added to the color, fulfilling our clients' wishes to their entire satisfaction. Tailored colors according to our clients' requirements will be separately taken care of.



Additive Masterbatches

3V Marketing Consulting is distributing a wide range of quality additive masterbatches. As in our color masterbatches portfolio also our additives are incorporated in the polymer and form our customers require. The usage of additive masterbatches is providing our customers with the opportunity to improve the quality, property and performance of the finished product while at the same time improving the processability and thus optimizing productivity and costs.


Antiblocking Agents

Antiblocking masterbatches prevent blocking and tacking with the production and further processing of films, coatings as well as co-extrusion layers. Antiblocking masterbatches also prevent plate-out. 



The aging process of human skin is slowed down by frequent usage of cosmetics such as anti aging creams. Similar to the human skin also plastics undergo an aging process mainly caused by exposure to heat, resulting in damages of the plastics' surface. The plastics' skin damage can already occur during the process, storage, production or final use manifested as a loss of transparency, yellowing, cracking of the material's surface as well as in a decline of mechanical properties, of which can be elongation, impact resistance, tensile strength and other. Similar to human skin also the skin (surface) of plastics can be slowed down from aging by using antioxidants. more


Antislip Agents

Antislip masterbatches roughen up the surface of films with not dispersed polymer particles to result in an anti-skid surface. The film stays translucent.


Antistatic Agents

Static charges attract dust and dirt and thus causing sticking of sheets, bridging of powder and even increase risks of explosion due to creation of sparks due to sudden discharges in electronic articles such as computers. The use of antistatic agents prevents the building up of static electricity on polymer surfaces and therewith hinders problems in connection with static charges. In addition antistatic agents improve the processability and mold release of the finished goods. more


Blowing Agents

Chemical blowing agents are widely used in the production of bottles, however, due to their ability to decompose on heating and liberating gas thus creating a cellulose structure of the polymer, are also widely used as foaming agent and as a weight reducion agent. more


Cleaning Compounds

Intensive cleaning compounds optimized according to the working temperature of different polymers and adjusted to specific processing equipment are allowing fast and safe color- and material changes. more


Conductive Compounds

In general processors chose a specific polymer because of its specific mechanical value. The typically insulating properties of polymers allow a wide range of use in a variety of everyday life products as well as in more technically demanding products, however, the relatively low electrical conductivity restricts their area of application. Conductive compounds are used to improve the electrical conductivity of polymers and thus enabling plastic goods to protect highly sensitive components, for example as in electronics and electronic packaging, high voltages cables, automotives, from damages caused by electrostatic discharges. 


Flame Retardants

By making the plastic product more difficult to ignite and controlling its burning behavior, in some case even completely preventing ignition, flame retardants make our life saver and often safe lives. Strict safety standards in fire protection and safety regulations in general requires the use of flame retardants in plastics to avoid serious damages to human beings. 3V Marketing Consulting flame retardants masterbatches are widely employed in electronics, such as computer and television casings,  building and construction sector and transportation. Thereby our masterbatches contain halogenated as well as halogen-free flame retardants. 



Improvement of the flow characteristics of the polymers during processing but also reduction of the frictional resistance of the finished product surfaces is the main task of lubricants. Additionally lubricants can act as melt promoters, plasticizers, antiblocking and antitacking as well as antistatic agents. Lubricants do not influence the behavior of other additives and thus may be used in conjunction with them, including release agents and antioxidants.


Mold Release Agents

The addition of releasing agents during processing prevents parts from sticking to the mold cavity and thus allowing an easy removal. It is especially required in the manufacture of smaller articles. In addition release agents reduce cycle times and the machinery output and thus reducing costs of manufacture by improving the productivity.


Nucleating Agents

The addition of nucleating agents into the polymer results in a better clarity hence transparancy of the finished product, which is why nucleating agents are also called clarifying agents. Nucleating agents can be used as weight reducers in thin-walled plastic parts, however, an important factor for the use of nucleating agents is their ability to shorten the cycle times hence speeding up the production process thus substantionally reducing production costs. more


Slip Agents

Slip Agents increase the slip properties of polymer parts, act as flow improver and increase the dispersion of fillers and pigments by at the same time also improving the surface gloss.


UV Stabilizers

UV stabilizers are used for the protection of plastics from discoloration, embrittlement and degradation due to exposure to ultra violet light, heat and other similarly destructive environments. Especially products intended for the outdoor usage -applications such as agricultural films, construction materials, garden equipment, automotive parts, and many more- UV stabilizers are essential. But also the use of UV stabilizers in articles exposed to filtered daylight and fluorescent light prolong the product life of the finished good and make.


Additionally we provide ready-to-use customer specific compounds and mixed masterbatches, which are well balanced with several additives and colors to solve our customers' individual problems. Also your tailored solution is just a call away!



Innovative System Masterbatches

Aside from our product groups of color-, additive and processing aid masterbatches, we are offering tailored solutions and technically unique products to our customers, which are comprised in our innovative system masterbatches product group and supported by our technical services.


An example of our activities and achievements is Tiplas. Especially developed for the high technical and quality demands of the sports shoe industry, Tiplas is a titanium reinforced TPU based masterbatch, aimed to improve the abrasion resistance of sport shoe soles and shoe parts without negatively affecting other attributes of the polymer, such as density, hardness or tensile strength. 


With Tiplas we have succeeded to not only completely fulfill the range given but have exceeded the expectations of our customer by improving the abrasion resistance of a high quality TPU polymer with a hardness of 95 A shore by 34%, adding 5% of Tiplas 30 TPU A 95. Tests were conducted according to prevailing DIN and ISO norms.


To being able to achieve such outstanding results, we have together with our partners developed a special process to disperse the titanium into the TPU, providing our customer with a technically highly innovative product, not requiring any special treatments during processing differing from the use of regular injection TPU. Tiplas is especially developed and suited for and with regular injection equipment. The granular form allows an exact dosage. read more about Tiplas



For detailed information on our activities in the plastic industry, brochures and CD-ROM for further readings, please send an e-mail to chemicals@3vmc.com. You may also contact our Operational Headquarters, our Representatives will be glad to helping you. 


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