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When talking about quality of life the constitution of the human body hence the health condition cannot be overlooked and is of much more importance than other factors such as wealth, power, success or social status.


3V Marketing Consulting is paying attention to this field by supplying high quality pharmaceutical intermediates, which undergo strict tests according to prevailing national and international Pharmacopoeia, leaving nothing to chance when it comes to our most precious good: Health



Active Ingredients

Amino acids are not called building blocks of life without reason: Proteins occur in an almost infinite variety, however, they are composed of a relatively small number of amino acids. From the first isolation of aspargine in the early 19th century, it took almost one hundred years until the last of the circa 20 protein amino acids was discovered in 1925. 


Large-scale production of amino acids today is done by extraction, chemical synthesis, fermentation and enzymatic catalysis. 


In the pharmaceutical industry amino acids and their derivatives are widely used as active ingredients in infusion solution formulations for clinical nutrition and elemental diets. Such a standard infusion composition contains the eight essential amino acids, the semi essential amino acids L-arginine and L-histidine, and several nonessential amino acids. 


Another important field in the pharmaceutical industry of mainly amino acid derivatives is as therapeutic agent in the medication against hepatic disorders, iron defiency, heart diseases, fatigue, and many more. 


3V Marketing Consulting is supplying amino acids, their derivatives and special amino acid complexes enriched with magnesium and potassium.


Aside of amino acids and their derivates, we are supplying other active ingredients to the pharmaceutical industry, such as highly pure (up to purity for analysis) calcium complexes and phosphates as well as aluminum, potassium and sodium dihydrogene phosphates.



For more information on our products and services in the pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industry, please contact our Operational Headquarters or simply send an e-mail to chemicals@3vmc.com


We care about your health


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