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About Us

Headquartered in the industrial town of Hanau, Germany, 3V Marketing Consulting is acting as Agent for and on behalf of its Principals thus providing the link between the producer and the consumer. 


3V Marketing Consulting focuses its activities on the dynamic and prospering markets of Central East Europe and South East Asia. Supporting local Representatives in its key areas, 3V Marketing Consulting always stays close to its customers and markets. 


Owed to competent business partners as well as to dedicated and well trained staff, 3V Marketing Consulting has gathered in-depth experience and know-how in its core activities and major market places.


3V Marketing Consulting is thereby not simply acting as trader yet concentrates its activities into the promotion of its Principals' businesses in specified products or product lines on a long term perspective and assists its Principals and customers in dealing with claims, providing of advice on local business rules and regulations, procurement services and supplying relevant market information as well as reports on competitors' activities.





Business Philosophy


Driven by the famous words of Julius Cesar, we give them a new meaning in today's business life:


Veni Relation - as close as possible to our clients and markets
Vidi Focus     - close focus on our clients' needs
Vici Achievement - Leading our clients to long term success is our final target


Operating close to our business philosophy we are constantly seeking to improve our products and services to better serve a diverse supplier and customer base. 


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The main activities of 3V Marketing Consulting are structured into two operational divisions, Chemicals and Rubber Technology, which are flanked by integrated service lines...




Organization Chart

January 2006



To ensure best possible business solutions to our clients the Chemicals division is organized in departments by the diverse industry we are currently serving. 


3V Marketing Consulting Chemicals division business focus is set on the South East Asian countries of Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam. Our local Representatives are supported from our Regional Administrative Headquarters in Hong Kong, China.


The Rubber Technology division on the other hand forms a structure by product line for an individual problem solving approach. 


Aside from our Operational Headquarters in Germany, from where we are serving the domestic and Austrian markets, the Rubber Technology division currently has Representatives in Poland, including Slovakia and the Czech Republic, and in Romania.






For more information about 3V Marketing Consulting, our activities and achievements please send an e-mail to info@3vmc.com or contact our Operational Headquarters.


Thank you for your interest


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